International Border Studies Center

at the University of Gdańsk, Poland

BOOK translation PROJECT: Transforming Persons. Schooling among the E’ñepá of the Venezuelan Amazon

The monograph is based on research among a marginalized indigenous group in Venezuela. It is a detailed, well-documented ethnographic study of the school and school children and youth among E’ñepá Indians. School in the Amazonian Forest is the first Polish scientific publication presenting and analyzing the phenomenon of school among Amazonian indigenous groups. It also constitutes a practical application of an original anthropology of school concept, where school is seen as a set of cultural practices and a historically and culturally specific form of being in the world, going far beyond the curricula and institutional forms of their implementation. Using the methods of cultural anthropology, I have studied school through the lens of a set of everyday practices taking place there (and around the school), which are imbued with different meanings by different social actors (the indigenous people and the Venezuelan citizens). This approach allowed me to show the school’s functions that had not been described previously.