International Border Studies Center

at the University of Gdańsk, Poland
campus UG

The International Border Studies Center (IBSC) at the University of Gdańsk is an independent research unit fostering and promoting the UG’s international cooperation and interdisciplinary research in humanities and social sciences. Research conducted by current members of the IBSC represents such fields as: border studies (disciplinary history and methods, memory, imagination, hauntology), regional studies (Gdansk, Pomerania, Baltic Sea region, the Amazon, Southwestern United States, Gulf of Maine, the Caribbean, Basque studies), Indigenous studies (South and North American), migration studies, (de-, post-)colonial studies, history, otherness studies, etc. The center favors comparative and transdisciplinary approaches and border practice fusing research, art, and pedagogy. 

The IBSC at the University of Gdansk serves as a space for exchange between various scholarly disciplines with participation of international guests, collaborators, and cooperation with similar research centers in Poland and abroad. It will offer a friendly environment where to ask difficult, cross-disciplinary questions, and confront our disciplinary limitations. Our hope is to inspire new analyses and foster novel cartographies by thinking our topics through the still-undertheorized concept of the “border.” The diverse work at the IBSC – across borders of regions, countries, and disciplines – will result in publications, conferences, symposia, artist-in-residence and scholarly fellowships, workshops, international mobilities, and more.